When was the final time you had been under chilly water? Maybe it was in the event it started to rainfall, or your warm water was switched off, and you experienced no other option. Civilization has given us comfort, along with it, the numerous diseases that are caused by bad lifestyle options. In particular, the body is intolerant to coldness, and we constantly strive to get warm by any means possible. But this is all in vain, because chilly water is key to health insurance and vitality!



ImmunityA cold bath is an excellent method to prevent influenza and other popular and microbial diseases. Czech researchers analyzed the effect of cold drinking water on the defense mechanisms of sports athletes. For two weeks, three times per week, athletes had been immersed in cold drinking water. The researchers found that throughout the experiment, two kinds of immune cellular material had a heightened presence within the blood.


Increased blood flow

One of the most efficient ways to improve blood flow is by switching between chilly and warm water during a bath. When the entire body gets chilly, the arteries constrict. This phenomenon is known as vasoconstriction. Within this state, the lumen of blood vessels is reduced, as well as the blood circulates more quickly.


Helps with depressive disorders

A chilly shower may even help fight depression. Experts from the condition of Virginia reveal that cold drinking water stimulates the “blue place” from the brain, which leads to the creation of norepinephrine – a hormonal that helps to handle depression.


Enhances lymphatic blood circulation

Since the lymphatic system lacks a cardiovascular system to water pump it, its upward motion depends on the motions from the muscle and joint pumping systems. Cold bath improves muscle mass contraction, which in turn has a good effect on lymphatic circulation.


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